Techfestival. 2018

graphic materials

digital materials, print materials,
marketing, communication,
After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Techfestival was created to find human answers to tech progress. Explore the new leadership, tools, technologies, movements and mindsets for a new direction in tech. And is happening every year in Copenhagen over a weekend in September.

I have joined the team in 2018, for a month of intense preparation for the festival. I have been working closely with the festival’s director and communication team developing various¬†graphical materials – print materials, visual content for marketing campaigns and social media, preparation of slides for meetups, summits and keynote speeches.

Those slides were shown at the Main (Circle) Stage at the opening of the festival.

Techfestival. Vault

A visual for the launch of a documentation project of all the collected videos, articles and all outputs that came out of the festival in 2018. The idea was to present that as an output-package that people can dive into.

All the designs were executed applying visual identity created by Lisa Lang.