Space Time – digital business development

The aim of this project was to create a business idea and develop it. Through this project we went through all the stages of planning a business idea development, starting with research and polishing the idea’s concept, through creating a budget plan and planning business execution, till designing the product.

Skills: Service Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, wireframes, mock-ups, design, research, business, management

Credits: Paola Gencheva, Ying Liang, Tadas Matijosaitis, Ilina Spasova


SpaceTime is a product aimed mainly to young people who want to become more active in their hobbies and interests as well as to those who want to discover different interests and try to perform them with other people. The main idea is based on the words “Inspire and get inspired”.


SpaceTime is a mobile app which will help people meet basing on their interests and the activities they want to perform. The app  is designed as a game, where users can “draw a card” written by another user, containing a proposition of an activity. The card’s creator will need to include information like “Title”, “Description”, “Amount of people” that they want to do it with and “Date”. A user can apply for the event or reject it and keep drawing cards until they will find an interesting for them event or activity. When the required amount of users apply for the event, that group of people will have an opportunity to chat and take further steps towards bringing the event to life.

It is possible to see in the app other members’ profiles. But there will be included only the basic information as a name, age and a picture, supplemented with information of the  member’s interests. This will make people meet basing on members interests and not on their personalities or appearance.



The color palette (RGB) is based on blue color which is likely to represent the space. Moreover, this color is neutral, it will not steal the attention, the user will be able to focus on the content of the app rather than graphical elements (when it is unnecessary).

The app has main feature – the game. The best way to encourage people to press the button is to make it outstanding, visible and eye-catching but still fitting with other colors and shapes. For this reason, pink color is included into the color palate to be more distinguishable than other colors. It will be used only for designing elements that have precise, major function (play button, approve sign and etc.).


SpaceTime logo is based on red and grey colors which represents the passion for activities. Red color best described as attention-getting color. The S shape letter stands for “Space” and looks like a road – the journey that never ends.

The background of the logo represents the Space full of stars which means unlimited time.


According to the fact that the user is going to use great amount of text to describe the events and to communicate with other users we decided to keep font simple. It is also need to be legible as the app’s content will be shown on a small screen.  That is why we decided to use font “Ayuthaya” which is simple, clean and legible.