Randoms Challenges – digital marketing campaign

We were tasked to develop a Digital Marketing Campaign for the launch of Rowntree’s Randoms in Denmark in 2017.

Skills: Digital Marketing, Service Design, Campaign Development, Project Development, App Design, Communication, Marketing, Redesign, UX, Mock-ups, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

CreditsAdela Hrdlickova, Diana Korotenko, Thorhildur Kristjansdottir, Petar Todorov

How to launch candies with history on a new market?

This marketing campaign aims to promote Rowntree’s Randoms with attracting attention launch and to establish a bond between Rowntree’s and the consumers.

The campaign strives to create memories associated with Rowntree’s and Randoms and as a result, build loyalty and recognition in the long run.


The whole concept of the campaign is centered on “challenging yourself and your friends in random ways”. Its primary elements are a web application and a promotional video which encourage users and viewers to challenge their ordinary lifestyles and be more spontaneous with Randoms.

Social media presence is also a key aspect because it is one of the best ways to reach the target audience of teenagers. An informative website giving for the campaign itself and the campaign web application was also developed.

How the Application will work?

The main function of the application is to provide challenges to its users. It randomly picks funny dares for users that they have to complete, film and share online with friends. It also allows users to challenge one another once they have completed a challenge. Users can see the videos of dares they have completed and uploaded, as well as what their friends have posted in the friends feed section of the application. This creates a platform where one can not only see entertaining and funny content but also create such content.


– Levels – user can level up their profiles and unlock more difficult challenges which encourages progression into more and more exciting dares.

– Scoring system – the completion of each dare is granted with a number of points based on difficulty and every user has total personal score. This further increases motivation to take challenges and creates feeling of rivalry and competition among users.

– Integrated camera app – users can record videos of dares without closing the app.

– Sharing options – integrated buttons for sharing completed challenges on the most popular social media platforms are available.

– Push notifications – these make users aware that they have been challenged by their friends immediately.