Magazine ‘Strange – Body issue’

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Strange magazine started from the curiosity for different feelings of strangeness we experience and the wish to bring this perspective into stories and reflections. In the first issue of the magazine, we talk about Body. It is an exploration of different strange feelings in our bodies where we seek different perspectives, tell personal stories and make room for everyone to have a voice.

Front and Back of the magazine

Beyond Body

In this feature article, I am writing about out-of-body experiences. It explores a thought of if there is something more then the human body and mind. The angle of the article is spirituality.

The topic is complex and delicate and therefore the article’s aim is to simply create awareness on the out-of-body experiences and maybe even change the attitude in some towards the perception of our bodies.

beyond body 1
beyond body 3
beyond body 4

Fitting every Body

The title of the article is a play word derived from the word ‘everybody’. I wrote it as two separate words and the last one with the capital ‘B’ to put in focus on ‘body’ as I am doing also in the article.

The article’s aim is to invite the readers to get a new perspective on the objects as furniture around them. It talks about how all furniture is designed for us where the measure is the human body. The chair back has the exact angle for our back, the table hight is based on our comfort while having dinner, the bed height is fitting our body length, and the coffee cup is round to be held comfortably in our palms.

fitting every body

Short Stories

This content pillar contains diverse stories coming from different people talking about strange body experience they had. The contributors have been asked to describe them in great detail, and try to bring to the reader through words its physical feeling, emotion, color or even texture.

jaw clench, goosebumps, body awareness
body with no gender

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Art Direction: Fernando Gesto Moreno
Graphic Design: Ieva Korne