Life Design Circle – Visual Identity

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Life Design Circle is a community-based company on a mission to empower individuals to rethink, redesign and realize their lives that are more fulfilling and fit to their own needs. The company provides services on life design in a form of workshops, design sprints and community space.

Visual Identity Launch



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Life as Painter’s Canvas

Inspiration comes from Painting and his canvas. Life Design Circle’s visual identity represents a belief that everyone is a creator of their own life. The canvas is used as a foundation representing an individual’s life and all the possibilities it holds for them. Each object on it, stroke, splash, or lack of it, is a choice and makes each of our lives unique – everyone individually decides what to bring to their life canvases.

Celebrating Imperfections

Life Design Circle in its visual identity celebrates imperfections. Fear of imperfection and making mistakes is what often stops individuals from creating or living their lives fully. Art is not perfect. Life neither. LDC encourages everyone to go on the journey and explore life with curiosity, courage and playfulness, and the possibilities it holds for each of us, in order to find their true authentic self. LDC believes that this is the way to really find an individual’s own purpose and direction.

Structure & Creativity

To build a desirable life requires both creativity and structure. Creativity in order to explore the kind of life an individual wants for themself, and structure to take actionable steps to get there.
Life Design Circle provides space for both explorations – to find individual’s authentic selves, understand their values, needs and dreams in order to build their inner compass, as well as space for structure – helping you set a direction to build the life they want to live.
In the visual identity, all shapes and colors represent the creative, explorative space, while lines hold a structure to it.