Dem*ntia – campaign


strategy, art direction, Photoshop,
Illustrator,  After Effects

The goal of this project is to build a more dementia-friendly society and that way bridge the gap between people suffering from dementia and the rest of society. To let the people impacted by the illness not feel embarrassed and society to stop acting with prejudice.

People impacted by dementia feel very often socially disconnected and even excluded, and therefore feeling no longer ‘normal’. Dealing with the illness becomes very complicated and difficult. But in the first stages, there are simple things in the society that could be shifted, which would make the disease process less difficult. It is a behavior and attitude of the society towards people impacted by dementia.

The campaign’s message is ‘Dementia is not a choice’ which attempt is to bring empathy and understanding of the illness. Spelling dementia with ‘*’ sign, brings the feeling of a ‘forbidden word’ that represents the current status quo of how dementia is perceived. The goal of the campaign is to change it, which is communicated by showing the word changing into a normal spelling. It aims to provocate society to behave in a ‘normal’ way towards the people suffering from the illness and not to be afraid to talk about it.

Another important message of the campaign is that people with dementia even though are suffering from memory loss are still deeply the people that they were before the illness.