Travel longing

Skills illustration, Illustrator, GIF, After Effects Illustration inspired by different modes of traveling.

‘Baugasm’ posters

Deliverable posters Skills Adobe Photoshop, poster design Baugasm posters is a self-initiated project by Albanian designer Vasjen Katro, challenging himself and others to use different styles to create a unique poster. I joined…

‘Reach out’ – illustration

The illustration was done for a blog post explaining the importance of connecting with the receiver when reaching out.  Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Illustration

ICC – icons

ICC (Improv Comedy Copenhagen) is an improv comedy theater which provides classes of Improvisation for individuals as well as businesses. Along the theater there is also a cafe where "coffee languages" are…

Summer in Capri

Skills Adobe Illustrator, illustration Illustration inspired by island Capri.

Postcard from Capri – illustration

The work is an affect of my inspiration that I got when traveling to Capri. In the illustration I am experimenting with brushes, noise, gradients and opacity. Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Illustrations, Graphic…

No More – Digital Design / UX

Deliverable website design Skills visual identity, illustrations, icons design, prototyping, web-design, UX, graphic design, Photoshop, Illustrator no-more provides PowerPoint support in whenever suitable for customer time. Launched in 2016 by a former…